Thursday, March 19, 2009


Its been a while since I last updated this. Well for starters first thing first we no longer have Nevaeh and Kamerin. They were placed in a new home with a family who intend to adopt them. They have other kids to play with and they are very happy. Second, I had a IUD placed a few months ago and got one hell of an infection from that so they had to do am emergency removal of that, What a fun time! Um Third, I am scheduled for Surgery on April 3rd. They are going to take out the infected parts, do some treatments and tie my tubes. Then in 6 months if I desire they will do a complete hystro. We will have to wait and see. That's about all the news I have. I will try me best to keep everyone informed on whats going on. Things have been crazy with the kids leaving and Dr appt. after Dr appt. Hope all is well with everyone!